People, Cars and Racing

The Team

Our name doesn’t do justice. We are a great group of friendly drivers, dedicated and passionate about track life.

From racing to HPDE ( High performance Driving Events) we provide counseling and coaching to improve ourselves and other drivers.

Tim Frank

Tim Frank’s racing experience is divided between drag racing and road racing.  He began drag racing in the mid-1990s at Maryland International Raceway (MIR) in Budds Creek, MD with a Nissan Sentra SE-R.  He campaigned the Sentra for several years and was a regular participant in the early days of the import car drag racing craze, including the Toyo Tires Import Shootouts, the now-defunct EIP Import Shootouts, and the long-lived Import Races at Capitol Raceway near Wash. DC.  Tim collected several trophies during these years, but ultimately his interest wanned as the expenses in tires and hard parts took a toll. 

A few years later after a friend, and former import drag racer, introduced Tim to Auto-X or autocross.  Autocross was fun, but ultimately lost Tim’s interest after several events.

After taking a couple of classes in 2008/9 with Skip Barber’s driving school in Lime Rock Park (CT), the introduction to a road course track ignited a passion that continues today.  Tim’s old Sentra was repurposed with a bunch of new parts, and the new “track rat” would serve him well for the next few years as he developed skills and experience.  Several months after purchasing another Sentra, a dedicated race car with an existing SCCA logbook, Tim took a Driver’s School hosted by the Washington DC Region SCCA, and passed.  Soon after earning the SCCA’s Novice Permit in the Spring of 2015, Tim applied to NASA’s national office and was granted a competition license!

Since becoming an official race car driver in 2015, Tim has raced with both SCCA and NASA in a variety of classes including NASA’s Performance Touring E (PTE) and Super Touring 6 (ST6).  More recently, Tim focuses on racing in SCCA’s Bracket-IT (BIT) class where the driving is the most competitive for him.  Tim has several trophies to his credit, and a personal best lap time on Summit Point’s main track of 1:28.1.

Mike Kelley

Hailing from Mclean Va, Mike grew up at Summit Point Raceway spending many weekends watching the races with his family and taking pictures of the cool cars with a polaroid. This love photography continues today and you can find Mike capturing memories one shutter click at a time.

After many years of watching he decided to be part of the action and started flagging the races, a passion he still enjoys

After doing some HPDE driving events he purchased a MkII VW GTI dubbed the “POS” (ya, it was ugly). He spent a winter refurbishing it with a lofty goal in mind, the SCCA Runoffs.

Eventually that dream came true, and in a car far less prepared than his competitors he finished 8th in the championship event. A first place as far as true grassroots racing is concerned.

Mike is also active as an instructor for FATT (Summit Points HPDE program), and a tech inspector.

Bill Smith

As with others, bill was a grease monkey in his early years. Working on cars with Ron and Mike S. he learned a craft that turned into a vocation. Transitioning to the service sales side later.

Motorsports started at the 75/80 Dragway drag racing a motorcycle and watching the vintage races at Summit Point. One day Bill realized that these people putting on events were volunteers. Wanting to race, but not having the budget, he started working with the emergency services crew in 2001. In 2019 Bill was asked to be the EV chief for the SCCA national Runoffs. Twenty years later Bill still does this when there is time.

Bill has his SCCA and NASA competition license and splits time between the late model Pro Truck, and the E36 BMW, as well as being involved with the SCCA HPDE program as a licensed instructor. Past race cars owned are a 95 200SX, and a 94 Honda Accord.

Ron Elliott

Ron was a military brat who also spent many years in McLean Va. Learning how to fix cars as a youth he owned many late 60’s and early 70’s Dodge’s. Many weekends in high school were spent working on various cars with Mike S. and Bill. Drag racing was his entry into motorsports.

His youth hobby turned into a career, now sporting the coveted “ASE Certified Master Technician” patch on his work uniform.

After decades of living life, a chance meeting with Bill introduced Ron to the world of road course racing. In 2020 Ron took his SCCA race licensing school, and passed.

We expect to see lots of good things from Ron as he learns the in’s and outs (lefts and rights) of armature road racing.

Taylor Hyatt

Taylor was what is known as a “track rat”, spending much of her youth in Pa. A track rat is the child of a racer/track worker. She has been involved in SCCA and racing since birth.

Taylor has worked in timing and scoring, flagging and race administration.

In 2018 she drove in her first track day event, and found out she was pretty good. She purchased a faded yellow VW GTI. This diamond in the rough was deemed “Big Bird” In the spring when the flowers are blooming what used to be an ugly duckling was unveiled as a beautiful swan.

Taylor had hopes of taking SCCA race school in 2020, but COVID dashed these hopes. We shall see her there in 2021.

Mike Stracka (Crew Chief)

Mike also grew up in McLean working on cars in his dads garage. He didn’t have the usual job in high school, he worked on side jobs, fixing cars in the back yard.

His motorsports started “rat” racing around the neighborhood in a Fiat 124, then later a really fast Pinto (or two). Moving off the public highways and onto a motorcycle he raced with Bill at 75/80.

Mike has been with the team since it started offering his knowledge and insight into keeping things running well. Bill has been heard to say “If Mike does it, I don’t have to double check, I trust him with my life.